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Monday, February 25, 2019

Is it safe to have sex while pregnant?

If your pregnancy is normal and does not experience any problems, having sexual intercourse during pregnancy is considered a safe activity. However, there are several things that must be observed.

Changes in body condition in early pregnancy such as hormonal changes, breast hardening, nausea, ups and downs of emotions, and fatigue can reduce the desire for sexual intercourse. When the womb is enlarged, sexual desire may continue to fall because of back pain and weight gain that women feel. But it turns out that in some other women, there can be an increase in sexual desire associated with increased hormone production.

Facts about Having Sex During Pregnancy

If your pregnancy is normal, having sexual intercourse during pregnancy will not be harmful. Here are some facts that you deserve to see.

  • Your baby is protected by strong uterine fluid, so that sexual activity will not harm him. This protection is aided by the uterine muscle and thick mucus that covers the cervix to avoid infection. The penis that enters during intercourse will not reach the baby.
  • All positions of sexual intercourse during pregnancy are generally safe as long as you feel comfortable. You can try to adjust the position with changes in the stomach that is getting bigger. For example, rather than lying on your back, maybe you and your partner can lie face to face, or you are in the top position.
  • Generally, miscarriages are not caused by sexual intercourse, but because of abnormal fetal growth.
  • Oral sex generally also tends to be safe during pregnancy. Only, make sure that the partner does not blow air into the vagina because there is a slight risk of air embolism, namely air that can close the blood vessels. This condition is dangerous for you and the fetus. Meanwhile, anal sex is not recommended because it can cause the spread of bacterial infections from the anus to the vagina, and especially if you experience hemorrhoids.

Communicate the changes you feel to your body and emotions to your partner, so you can both find the best way to have sex. In addition, also communicate if you are feeling uncomfortable for sexual intercourse. Intimacy can be built through chat, hugs and kisses.

Changes in body shape also make you probably no longer confident when having sex. In fact, most men think that his wife becomes more sexually attractive during pregnancy.

Conditions to Avoid if Having Sex During Pregnancy

Although generally safe, there are conditions that make you and your partner need to limit, even avoid sexual intercourse during pregnancy, namely:

  • Avoid sexual intercourse, including oral sex, if your partner is having a dangerous infectious disease such as oral herpes, sexually transmitted diseases, or HIV. Latex condoms can also be used to protect themselves.
  • Avoid sexual intercourse if you have experienced heavy bleeding during pregnancy. In this condition, sexual intercourse can increase the risk of heavy bleeding.
  • Avoid sexual intercourse when the membranes rupture because it can increase the risk of infection.
  • Sex during pregnancy is also recommended to be limited when you are pregnant with twins.
  • Avoid sex when the cervix begins to open faster.
  • Avoid sex if you have experienced premature labor.
  • Delay sex if you experience placenta previa because of the risk of causing bleeding.
Cramps after sexual intercourse during pregnancy are normal. But consult a doctor if the cramps do not subside after a few minutes or if you experience bleeding. 
In addition, immediately consult a doctor if you experience bleeding or out of odor from the vagina after sexual intercourse. This fluid can be a sign of infection.

In conclusion, having sex during pregnancy is a safe activity as long as there are no problems in the pregnancy. If you are in doubt, consult your doctor.

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